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    Flipside: Sanity is Overrated

    Sometimes life doesn't just take a turn, it does a complete loop-de-loop. The view can be mind boggling, thought provoking and yes even a bit scary. Finding yourself in all the rubble is an adventure not to be missed.
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    A writer who wants to be unbound, in his opines and speak out of the on-goings around, through him! Particularly interested in music and other arts, also writes about social aspects that many are interested in. #life #social media #opinions #activities #interests
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    A Loving Lasting Marriage

    What elements create a marriage that lasts a lifetime? I will attempt to catch a glimpse of the elements that create a “ Loving Lasting Marriage” such as one would do on a warm summer’s eve to lighting bugs in a jar .I will create topics and ask questions #marriage
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    Green and Frugal

    A blog about my daily adventures trying to raise my family frugally, and on a healthy diet, as I also learn how to sew, make tutus, and can.
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    The Aspiring Clean Freak

    A blog by Cleanicity founder and mompreneur, Carol O'Brien. Sharing ideas, products, and tips for clean freaks and other picky people.
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    The Real Housewife of Longleaf Ranch

    The Real Housewife blogs about everyday life. My kids, my husband, things I find funny in my life. I will also do giveaways but that will not be my focus of my blog.
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    Mommy's Castle

    Read all about my life as an Ohio-based housewife, and stay-at-home mother of two. Check out stories you can relate to, indulge in recipes, and try your luck at my giveaways!
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    A not so perfect mom sharing ways to make life simpler. Find product reviews and giveaways, money saving tips, recipes and more.
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    The Home Cooked Gourmet

    Home cooked recipes with a dash of gourmet taste to spice up family dinnertime
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    The Craftsman Bungalow

    The restoration of a 1917 Craftsman Bungalow in Portland, Oregon. I’ll also be featuring content about other old homes, in Portland and beyond, as well as links to other things that I find interesting or amusing.
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    Nicole Hayward

    An active mom of two little boys who likes to run, read and sometimes work as a podiatrist
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    Kharisma Rhayne

    Author....erotica/bdsm/glbt--lots of fun stuff
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    Life is an adventure! At Yaya's Home, every adventure is shared an' enjoyed. Come join us for the Here, the Now, the Way Back When an' the What Will Be. We enjoy it all.
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    Kerala Travel Blog

    A travel blog that will help you to plan your holiday in Kerala India, with information on cities to see in Kerala, things to do in Kerala, and a Guide to Planning your trip to Kerala #kerala tour #kerala tourist places #how to reach in kerala
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    Life With a Possum

    I have put my love for animals and gardening to good use by maintaining a small scale farm. I believe that everyone should be able to be self sufficient with primitive skills. This blog is a record of all of my success and failure at homesteading. #frugal #gardening #green living #healthy cooking #healthy recipes
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    Lettle Baby

    Cloth diapering, green living, nutrition, family, & more!
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    Moments in Time

    This blog is a true account of my life as a struggling mom of 6 unschooled kids. My couponing, recipes, my journey into Christian unschooling , the start of our urban farming and life in general.
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    Family Approve

    I blog about family friendly products, recipes, crafts, DIY's, giveaways, ideas and projects.
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    My Two Pugs

    My personal blog/story/pics of my two pugs and other pets I have. I love animals and taking pics of them.
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    Date of the Month Club

    The challenge: Go on at least one date with someone new each month in 2010. The competitors: A widow (Elle), a divorcee (Jane) and a spinster (Sheila). 30-something pals at very different places in life. The stakes: $150 divided among the finishers. Each
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    A one stop shop for moms, dads and other caregivers looking for natural, safe remedies for children..with a humorous twist!
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    Bring Mommy the Vodka! (because some days coffee just isn't enough!)
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    Krystal Bernier, RHN

    I'm Krystal, a mom to be and holistic nutritionist. I created the mOMMY-NESSS blog to share my journey into parenthood. I love writing, I'm pumped about having a baby, and I love healthy food, mOMMY-NESS brings all these items together to inspire you.
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    Great Blog Giveaways

    Great Blog Giveaways is dedicated to bringing you the best of blog giveaways daily. We also are committed to help you spread the word about your latest blog giveaway.
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    Dazzling Daily Deals

    a place to find great deals and freebies for families
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    A Dubliners Dublin

    Blog about Dublin Ireland originally but now adding items about other Dublin's througout the world. If you have any comments or information that you think might be of interest please do not hesitate to contact me.
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    Keeping Up With The Jones'

    We are a Husband (Aaron), Wife (Patty) and Son (Parson) living a life devoted to each other, family, and God. We are the Jones family.
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    Interior Design Principles

    I'm a wife and mother of two beautiful girls. Via Interior Design Principles blog I'm expressing my love for color and decor to my readers. I love beautifully designed homes. You will find tons of them in my blog. I believe that even small and simple chan
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    Ruthie's Kozi Kitchen

    I'm Ruthie, and the Kozi Kitchen consists only of simply prepared dishes tried and cooked by your's truly - born out of the utter necessity to feed a family of 6. Everyone has to eat, right? So let's do it - simply and quickly, so we can get on with life!
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    babies having babies

    I'm an American turned ex-pat trying to raise my two preschool-ish rascally kids with my wonderful husband.
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    Between Two Rams

    My two Aries boys keep me on my toes, and what I blog about most is my daily life. I post reviews and giveaways whenever I get the chance to.
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    daily life of a SAHM of 4 girls
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    Tammy Kemp

    I am a wife and an older mother of 2 young kids. I am a city girl turned country girl. I try to do the best and be the best that I can but sometimes I screw up... so is life, I keep trying
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    We Homeschool...Please Bear with Us

    We are a former Army family of four, adjusting to civilian life after my husband's medical retirement. We homeschool our girls and do other crazy things. Check out my crafts and couponing adventures as well! #recipes #eclectic homeschooling #arts and crafts #christianity #raising girls
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    Carol Harlow

    My blog is about reviews/giveaways, baking, crafts, sewing, decorating, what's for dinner and my family
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    The Rest is Still Unwritten...

    faith. family. love. i'm so much more than "just' a stay-at-home mom...
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    Feel Delicious

    Because every woman should feel delicious! We're a site dedicated to empowering women of all ages, shapes and sizes to stand up for themselves, speak out, share their stories and love themselves no matter what issues they may be working through.
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    Come take a walk in my shoes. Let me share with you about my journey as a wife and new continued struggles with infertility and the most difficult recovery from a failed IVF...and finally my many stories as a middle school teacher.
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    I am a christian woman tackling wifeyhood, motherhood and dairy free, made from scratch cooking. Semi crunchy mommy starting on a new adventure with cloth diapering. I conceived after a battle with PCOS and weight.
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    Our New Life with CNSV

    This blog records the ride we have been since my husbands diagnosis with Central Nervous System Vasculitis. #illness #stroke #caregiver #vasculitis #rare disease
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    Crafty Hearts Warm Home

    At Crafty Hearts, Warm Home you will find tons of before and afters and decorating tips all done with a small budget! I love being inspired, so I hope something on my site will inspire you. My husband and I have been working to transform our little house #budget decorating #home decorating #public school classroom
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    Aparna Parinam

    About travels in India and around the world !
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    I Still Hate Pickles

    Perspectives on life by a roller-derbying, cloth-diapering, baby-wearing, home-birth-attempting, novel-writing, God-fearing Mom of two boys trying to figure it all out. And no matter what people say about pregnancy, I still hate pickles.
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    First TIme Mom & Dad

    Two confused parents=One amused baby Hopelessly we are trying raise a baby who is clearly smarter than both of us. Lots of Laughs, Epic Fails, Photos, Reviews and Giveaways!
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    tatiana strudwick

    I love toys so a friend said I should blog about it. So I started where I talk about toys and fun things to do including events, museums, iPad and iphone apps etc I am currently planning a toy swap party :-)
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    Contesting For Commoners

    You don't need to be a contest queen to win like royalty! A blog dedicated to helping busy twenty-somethings (and other busy people!) get the best out of their time and money spent online.
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    Här kommer jag skriva om lite allt möjligt, visa bilder på platser som jag rest till ibland ensam och ibland med familjen. Jag är en levnadsglad tjej som ser positivt på det mesta i livet..vill ha positiva människor omkring mig. Tycker att livet ska levas
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    Twice The Fun

    I'm a stay at home military wife and mommy of twins. We live healthy, organic, all natural and fun!
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