Advertise on Picket Fence

Partner with us

We are very excited to enter the beginning stages of advertising. We will begin offering advertising on this site within the coming weeks and would like to hear from those interested in advertising. If you are interested, please contact us. We will be offering reduced rates for those to express interest early.

Who we are looking for

Our ideal advertisers would be small businesses and shops who focus on helping individuals in daily life, whether through products, services or something else. Our site focuses around lifestyle blogs; blogs that share a piece of everyday life. There are a limited number of spaces available each month. Also, make sure that your ad fits our site's focus.

Get to know us

Picket Fence is a rapidly growing community. We share content from many different people from many different walks of live. Our visitors are comprised mostly of:

  • 84% are women
  • 71% between ages 25 - 34
  • 62% have gone to college
  • 59% browse at home
  • 55% have children

We received 120,000 visits and over 400,000 page views last month and are continuing to grow every month.

How much money

Below is our pricing. As our site grows, our prices will too, so lock in your price now. If you are interested contact us now. Be sure to include the ad graphic, a link where the ad should go, and the email where the PayPal invoice should be sent.

Ads can be purchased for one month, 3 months or 6 months. There is a 10% discount for prepaid ads running 3 months or more, and 15% for prepaid ads running 6 months or more. Ads will be run on the 1st and 15th of every month. Payment is required before any ads will be placed on the site.

Small Ad in sidebar (125x125) - $30 / month
Large Ad in sidebar (260x125) - $55 / month
Inline Ad (Includes Text and Image) - $90 / month (only 1 available)

Handmade shops receive 10% off published rates. (This discount can be combined with the multiple month discount.)