Blogging is a surefire way to make sure that your opinion, your thoughts, your beliefs are put out into the internet. Blogging is certainly one of the best ways you can be opinionated and expressive. Starting a blog for the very first time he is a very amazing feeling, and it is an intimidating experience as well. Thinking that people are going to be reading what you share is definitely daunting. But, there are a few pitfalls, and that is why, I have created this article. I will be listing out something that I wish I knew before I started writing a blog.


  1. You should make sure that you find a nice domain name and then, you should register it immediately. Next, start by picking a blogging platform that is suitable for new bloggers. Then, sign up with the help of your account. Then install the software onto your device. Make sure that you are using a decent computer that is not going to crap out.
  2. Doing the above steps, even though they may seem like very little or quite trivial and they are very important indeed.
  3. Next, you need to make sure of the fact that you make use of search engine optimisation so that you can drive tens of thousands of visitors every single week or month.
  4. Search engine optimisation is the art of optimising all of your content, in order to rank for certain keywords that you can look for on Google. Search engine optimisation is basically an umbrella term that includes keyword research and link building.
  5. Make sure that you are building so that you can boost your rankings. The links that you put in your blog can actually be helped and found by search engine optimisation.
  6. You should always make sure that you go for quality over any kind of quantity. The kind of quality that you give with the help of your blog is something that people are going to appreciate.
  7. People are not going to care if you publish five blogs a day or 10 blogs a day. As long as those five blogs are more informative and made with better quality content, that is exactly what matters. People always go for quality over quantity, especially when we are talking about content.

quality content

You should also understand that blogging is something that will give you an online presence. Having an online presence will end up making you money. People make millions of dollars, by having a gigantic presence on the internet. As more and more people start getting to know you, you will have way more opportunities to start making money. You will also be able to directly interact with your audience.

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