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Lifestyle blogs are popular among successful people who like to take every piece of advice that helps them solve their day-to-day problems and live a better life. Lifestyle bloggers compete on the internet to bring out the best lifestyle articles for people. That is why it is important to know which online lifestyle blogs are delivering the right information to the people. We have compiled a list of platforms that you can refer to for lifestyle advice.



Goop is one of the first-ever lifestyle blogs to come out as the main platform for all types of lifestyle advice. It offers every information a modern woman needs to take care of themselves. It has different categories from parenting to work that allows readers to create the best plans for their daily lives.

The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman is a blog that stands out for its unique tips to live a bright life. It offers style, beauty, cooking, home, and entertainment news that help the readers. The blog is inspiring for many women who the advice from the blog for a ranch lifestyle.

Bright Bazaar

Bright Bazaar is a special platform for travel and photography lifestyle. It recommends the latest fashion, photography ideas, travel destinations, and more to the readers. It is an inspiring platform for readers who love to travel and enjoy new experiences. It is also a good place for photographers to learn new ideas and share their own tips with others.

Cup of Jo

Joanna Goddard has a blog that he first launched as a hobby. Today it is one of the most preferred blogs in the lifestyle niche. She has a team of writers who keep their readers updated with new food, design, culture, motherhood, travel, and more. It is a must check out for women that are looking for some smart lifestyle tips.

Wit & Delight

A very special name for a very special blog! Wit & Delight is a lifestyle blog that aims at a wide audience. A range of topics on different topics, ranging from fashion to home décor, is available on the platform. You can also find tips for taking care of your mental health. If you are looking for a blog that can answer all your lifestyle questions, then this is the one we recommend.


Downshiftology is a platform that shares the experiences of the author on life, food, travel, and fashion. You can learn new recipes to enjoy every day. You can plan your holidays better and also make the best out of your special occasions. It is a recommended platform for those who are celebrative and want to explore something new every day.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a way to go for everyone, and each one of us deserves a guide that can help us find the best hacks to enjoy our life better.

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